Google Ads 旨在協助企業發展線上業務。為了實現這個目標,我們秉持三大核心原則來設計請問是哪三大原則?

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問題與答案Google Ads 旨在協助企業發展線上業務。為了實現這個目標,我們秉持三大核心原則來設計請問是哪三大原則? Google Ads。Google Ads was designed to help businesses achieve online success. To accomplish this, Google Ads was built on three core principles.What are these principles?

  • 銷售、考慮度和誠信Sales, consideration, and integrity
  • 成長、觸及率和流量Growth, reach, and traffic
  • 關聯性、掌控度和成效Relevance, control, and results
  • 影響力、知名度和宣傳Influence, awareness, and promotion

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